A happy day for the employees

Apr 17, 2021
Soonfer is a big united family. Today is Saturday, our day off. The company organizes everyone to go on a spring outing together. In order to enhance everyone's ability to unite and cooperate, we organized a tug-of-war competition, and the loser will be punished. Some other games were also played, which enhanced everyone’s friendship during the play.

After happily playing, we started lunch. At lunch, we had a barbecue together. We used charcoal fire to make a delicious meal, and we shared the delicious food with each other, and our relationship became more harmonious.

After lunch, we can do other activities: we can play volleyball and badminton. The more pleasant surprise is that there is a sea of purple flowers nearby, where you can take pictures.

Ended a pleasant day today, looking forward to the next company group event.

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