Automatic canned soy sauce jam juice bottle labeling machine

Jun 09, 2021

Are you still using workers to label bottles? Are you still annoyed that the label is not firmly attached?
SOONFER launched a new automatic round bottle labeling machine, which is suitable for drinking water bottles, juice bottles, jam bottles, milk powder cans, cans, shower gel, hand sanitizer, etc.
The round bottle automatic labeling machine adopts self-adhesive film roll labeling paper, and the labeling adopts the cylinder clamp bottle method, which is equipped with automatic bottle separation, and completes the bottle and labeling at one time. It can also be equipped with a color band coding machine to complete the label production synchronously. The date is printed, and the marking is controlled by a stepping motor to ensure that the marking speed is synchronized with the reeling speed of the automatic packaging machine. With positioning optical eye, positioning and labeling can be realized.
The round bottle automatic labeling machine is a modern mechatronics product with excellent and reliable working performance. The round bottle automatic labeling machine has the advantages of cleanliness, no mold, beautiful and firm after labeling, will not fall off by itself, and high production efficiency.

1. Conveyor belt

The structure is simple, suitable for all kinds of round bottles, and can be connected to the production line.

2. Bottle Separate
The feeding inlet can be adjusted according to bottle diameter.The working speed of the conveyor can be adjusted as operators' need.

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