About honey packing machine

May 04, 2021

The honey packaging machine is included in the liquid stick unit. One-time use of 10 grams of honey can be automatically filled into food-compatible aluminum barrier packaging film. It is the first choice for catering companies, airlines and instant food companies, but the main use is energy drinks with gel concentration. This gel is a ready-made practical product, and athletes should always carry it with them as an energy drink or food supplement. The disposable honey stick packaging can be continuously carried anywhere in a compact form, which is reliable and hygienic. Easy to carry. There is no risk of breaking like a jar. And it's not heavy. Stick honey packaging has an excellent solution that can provide these advantages.

The honey packaging machine not only packs honey. This liquid packaging machine is also suitable for all kinds of sauces. Disposable sauces are a very popular food in low-power countries such as Africa. Honey and sauces are equipped with liquid packaging machines. Honey is a relatively solid product at room temperature, which is a problem in the packaging process. To solve this problem, Soonfer used a mixing system with a mechanical pump. In this system, it plays a very good role in cutting, and quickly packs honey that is easy to stick with sugar. At the same time, temperature is an important factor. Honey will be damaged to a certain extent. With this in mind, we can set the temperature parameters on the touch screen to avoid melting the materials during the honey packaging process. Pour liquid honey or chocolate into stick packs in a fluid manner. The most suitable area for second-hand honey packaging machines is to look at the second-hand machine market. As a soonfer machine, we do not sell second-hand packaging machines and packaging machines.

The honey packaging machine also has multiple optional components, including a date printing system, an automatic filling system and a conveyor belt.

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