Five tips to choose the right powder packing machine

May 29, 2021

Powder packing machine

While powder packing machine have developed into many kinds of models and features, we still have confusion when choosing the right powder packing machine. What’s the differences between those machine? How should I figure out my own need? Whether you are a small family workshop or a large company with hundreds of production lines, you should spend some time to come through the tips bellow, helping you make a best decision. We have summarized five tips for you to help you choose which kinds of machine meet your requirements.

Product: What is the state of the powder?

We might have different understanding of POWDER, but we seldom distinguish the difference between them. If you are searching for a powder packing machine, you should understand these differences.

Common powder is suitable for powder packing machine, such as flour, coffee powder, milk powder, matcha powder, chili powder, curry powder, spice powder, protein powder, seasoning powder, etc. But these are two point to note.

Is the powder prone to dust? Some fine dust is easy to raise dust during the filling process. At this time, you need to customize a non-leak valve to prevent excessive consumption of powder materials.

Does the powder material contain small granule? For example, detergent powder that contains enzyme and instant coffee powder that contains sugar, these kind of powder are not suitable for powder packing machine, and a granule packing machine will be better.

Capacity: What is the powder weight?

Each powder packing machine has its own measuring range. A small vertical powder packing machine can measure 1-100g or 50-500g, and a large vertical powder packing machine can measure 150-2000g or even 2000g-3000g. In that case, it is particularly important to understand the weight of your products. Accurate gram requirements help reduce machine errors.

Bag type: What type of bag will you pack?

Common bag shapes are stick bag, 3 sides seal bag, 4 sides seal bag, back seal bag, irregular shape bag and all kinds of premade pouches. The bag type influences the bag forming method of the packing machine. Normally, a small vertical powder packing machine is suitable for 3/4 sides seal bag and back seal bag, but not standup pouch. There is a special powder packing machine for premade bag packaging. It is powder doypack packing machine.

Packing speed: How fast do you need your bags packed?

It depends on different situations. A small business may not select large packing machine in order to saving cost and space, while a business with high production will prefer to the more efficient machines.

However, do not just focus on the current situation, but also consider whether the production capacity of the packaging machine is suitable for the future development speed of the company, so as to avoid the need to update the machine due to insufficient production capacity in the future.

Service and support: How much service and support do you need?

Corporate strength is important. From the manufacturers websites or company websites, you can get some information about the company and the machine. Moreover, customer evaluation, relevant certificates and warranty commitments of the packaging machine are also factors you need to consider.

Do you need additional services? For example, do you need to design a packaging film? If you are a start-up company that has not yet designed your own packaging bags, you should choose a supplier that can serve you a design plan. Other additional service you need to consult a salesperson or customer service.

When considering manufacturers, always remember to ask about their:

1.Ability to customize
2.After sales service
3.Quality review and approval process (products with quality inspection processes are more trustworthy.)
4.Installation process (installation process presentation help you understand how to operate the packaging machine. It will be better if they have installation training or one-site support.)

Last but not less, pay attention to the responses to your inquiries. Whether they provide a friendly and professional customer experience. Often, their commitment to the customer experience is closely related to their commitment to manufacturing quality equipment that will guarantee your operations are highly productive for years to come.
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