Bulk Liquid Packaging Solution: Sachet Water Packing Machine

Aug 20, 2021

Sachet water is packaged with food-grade special composite film, which bears great pressure, is not easy to break, and is used for one time, which basically eliminates the "second pollution" of drinking water. Sachet beverages have become a frequent visitor to families in many western countries. And it is also widely used in Africa, such as Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Egypt, Congo, Benin, Niger and some other undeveloped country.

When it comes to selecting a packing machine for bulk sachet liquid packaging, the first choice will be the sachet water packing machine. Sachet water packing machine is a specially designed sachet packing machine that uses single-layer PE film as packaging material. It widely used in the water, juice, and milk industry.

Here we will introduce some details information about sachet water packing machine, so that you have a full understanding of the machine before purchasing it.

Reasons to choose sachet water packing machine

The main problem with the packaging of this machine involves how to pack bulk liquids. That can be difficult, especially in maintaining a clean seal. The machine adopts melt sealing to ensure a hermetic seal. The sealing part of the sachet is only a narrow line. At the same time, the retention of residual materials in the sealing position can be reduced, and the packaging can be kept clean and hygienic.

The machine structure is simple and easy to operate, which means saving energy and saving cost. Sachet water packaging machine has an automatic length positioning system, and the bag length can be set freely. The photocell can easily capture the color mark and cut the pouch accordingly. Pouches of different lengths can be made on the same machine.

The parts of the water bag packaging machine that are in contact with water and juice are made of stainless steel, which meets high standards for food filling and sealing. It is safe for people and can be used with confidence.

Advantages of sachet water packing machine

1.The machine can automatically complete bag making, quantification, filling, sealing, slitting, counting, coding and other processes.

2.The packing speed can reach 1500-2000 bags/hour, which meet the need of high production of bulk sachet water packaging.

3. The sealing method is melt sealing, which ensures the tightness of the packaging bag and is clean and clean.

4.The machine adopts a mechanical hand pull bag, which has stable performance and convenient adjustment. One machine can be used for packaging bags of various sizes.

5. The machine adopts valve plug pump for filling and metering, and the metering is accurate.

If you would like to get other information about liquid packaging machine, please contact Soonfer Machine at any time. We will offer you professional and comprehensive packaging solution.

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