Considering A Liquid Packing Machine? Know The Differences Between Liquid Packaging Machine

Jul 30, 2021

Liquid Packing Machine is suitable for sauces, oil, thick creams, shampoo, gels, lotion, juice, water and some other Liquidity flow. The packaging process is clean, quick and easy operating. It can finish bag making measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, logo positioning, counting automatically at the same time.

When you plan to purchase a liquid packaging machine, you may be confused when faced with various models on the market. What is the difference between these machines? How should I choose the right machine?

1. What kind of liquid do you want to pack?

First, determine what kind of liquid needs to be packaged. The viscosity of the liquid has an effect on the packaging process. For liquids with high fluidity and low viscosity, such as water and juice, ordinary packaging machines with mechanical pumps are suitable.

But for liquids with a certain viscosity like lotions and shower gels, a packaging machine equipped with a piston pump can smoothly inject the liquid into the packaging bag and reduce the residual viscous liquid at the same time.

There is also a liquid with particles, such as chili sauce, salad dressing and so on. The granular substance is the key to increase the flavor of the sauce. However, after these granules are mixed with the liquid, a rotor pump is required. The discharge pressure of the rotor pump is higher than that of the above-mentioned two pumps, and the liquid and particles can be packed into the bag at the same time, which ensures the quality of packaging and the flavor of the product.

2. What is the weight of the product

Different liquid packaging machines have different packaging capacity requirements. Generally, a small vertical liquid packaging machine is used for small bags and sachetreaching 1-100 ml. If larger capacity is required, choose a large vertical liquid packaging machine, which can reach a maximum of 1500 ml.

3. What is the shape of the packaging bag

The packaging bag has many kinds of shape, such as pillow bag, three sides seal bag, four sides seal bag, irregular bag, stand pouch, zipper pouch and so on. There are so many types of bag types that one machine cannot meet these needs at the same time.

If you need to pack sauces in regular bags, the small vertical liquid machine can pack strip bags and side-sealed bags. However, if your packaging bag is an irregular-shaped bag, the irregular-shaped bag liquid packing machine is the first choice. Also, if the packaging bag is a pre-made bag, a liquid doypack packing machine is required.

4. What is the packaging speed

The speed of the packaging machine is affected by the material and the bag type. It’s not that the bigger the machine, the faster the packaging speed. For example, a small vertical packing machine can reach 30-80 bags/min, while a large vertical packing machine can be 5-60 bags/min. The packing speed can be adjusted as your requirements. Also, you must consider your requirements for production in the future.

If you are looking for professional packaging machine solutions, you can contact Soonfer Machinery. We have a professional team tailor-made packaging solutions for you to ensure professionalism and efficiency.

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