Introduction to Blister Packaging Machine

Sep 11, 2021

The blister packaging machine uses heat and pressure to form a blister on a transparent plastic film or sheet through a mold, and heat-seal the product between the blister and the bottom plate. It is suitable to pack solid products such as toys, hardware, and medicines (pill blister packing machine), as well as powder and liquid (honey blister packing machine). Usually it is used in food, pharmaceutical, or chemical industries. In recent years, with the improvement of cold forming technology, the machine allows steeper depths and angles during the forming process, thereby minimizing the amount of material used in each cavity.

Using different packaging materials and principles of forming, blister packing machine could also be divided into three types: aluminum/plastic (thermoforming) bubble pack, aluminum/aluminum (cold forming) bubble pack, and aluminum/plastic/aluminum bubble pack.

From the overall structure and working principle, the automatic blister packing machine can generally be divided into three series: roller type blister packaging machine, flat plate blister packaging machine and roller plate blister packaging machine.

Roller type blister packaging machine

Working principle: The formed film is heated and softened by the heating device, and the blister is sucked out by vacuum negative pressure on the roller forming mold roll. The cover film coated with adhesive on one side is sealed on the surface of the blister material under suitable temperature and pressure, and then packaged object is sealed in the blister. Then the batch number is printed by the typing and embossing device and the broken line is pressed out, and finally the punching device is punched into product plates of a certain size.

Flat plate blister packaging machine

Working principle: The formed film is heated and softened by a flat-plate heating device. In the flat-plate forming device, compressed air is used to blow the softened film into a blister. The filling device fills the packaged material into the blister and then sends it to the flat-plate seal. The sealing device seals the cover film and the forming film under suitable temperature and pressure, and then prints the batch number and presses the broken line through the typing and embossing device, and finally the punching device punches and cuts the product plates of the specified size.

Roller plate blister packaging machine

The roller-plate blister packaging machine is developed on the basis of the roller-type and flat-plate blister packaging machine. The working principle is basically the same as the above two.


1. Maintain product integrity and safety

The blister packaging machine is integrated in forming and sealing to ensure the integrity and tightness of the product. It is particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry. It can ensure that the drug is not damaged during the packaging process, and can also provide better protection for subsequent packaging and transportation to prevent the drug from being contaminated. Once the aluminum sheet shows sign of damage, it indicates that the drug is at risk of being contaminated and cannot be taken.

2. Precise dosage

The food or pharmaceutical industry has strict requirements on dosage, and the blister packaging machine can adjust the parameters to ensure that the injected material dosage is consistent.

3. Clear product display and excellent advertising effect

Blister packaging helps shoppers to see the full picture of the product intuitively and provides a clear display window for the product. At the same time, different designs and finishes can be used to achieve the effect of product promotion.

4. Automatic packaging process and labor cost saving

The blister packaging machine is fully automated from aluminum-plastic molding to product sealing, reducing the contact between packaging materials and people. Multiple machines can be operated by one person, which can save labor costs.

If you consider buying a blister packaging machine, please let us know your product requirements. Soonfer Machine will provide you with professional food solutions.
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