Soonfer Doypack Pouch Packing Machine

Sep 29, 2021

Doypack pouch packaging machine is used for the filling, packaging and sealing of various pre-made bags. It replaces manual packaging and realizes packaging automation for enterprises. As long as the operator puts the finished bag in the bag taking part of the equipment, the equipment and machinery will automatically take the bag, open the bag, give a signal to the measuring device, and fill, seal, and output. The whole process of packaging does not require manual work, which effectively improves production efficiency, saves labor costs and management costs, and greatly reduces costs for the enterprise.

Its application range is extremely wide, and it can be used in paper-plastic composite, plastic-plastic composite, aluminum-plastic composite, PE composite, etc., with low packaging material loss. It uses premade packaging bags with perfect packaging patterns and good sealing quality, thereby improving product grade. It can be used for multiple purposes. It only needs to match different metering devices according to different materials to realize automatic packaging of products such as granules, powder and liquid.

1. Granules: peanuts, jujubes, potato chips, crisps, nuts, candies, chewing gum, pistachios, melon seeds, nuts, pet food, seeds, sugar, salt, chicken essence, grains etc.

2. Powders: flour, seasonings, milk powder, coffee powder, glucose, chemical seasonings, pesticides, fertilizers etc.

3. Liquid: detergent, wine, soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juice, beverage, tomato sauce, jam, chili sauce, bean paste etc.

Soonfer automatic single station pouch doypack packing machine

Recently we have developed a new single-station pouch doypack packing machine. The following will introduce the advantages and working process of the machine in detail.


1. The machine operates automatically, automatically feeding, metering, filling and sealing. The single station makes the whole work process simple and fast.

2. The machine supports customization, and can be equipped with a vibrating plate, a measuring cup, an electronic scale or a liquid pump for filling materials according to different materials.

3. The machine adopts PLC control, is equipped with touch screen and man-machine interface control system, supports multi-language settings, and is easy to operate.

4. It can be customized for a variety of doypack bag types and sizes. The packaging speed can be adjusted and can reach about 15 bags/min. The packaging range is less than 1kg, suitable for small and medium-sized bags.

5. The machine occupies a small area, which is equivalent to that of a small vertical packaging machine. It can save workshop space.

6. Automatic detection function, if the bag is not opened or the bag is incomplete, no feeding and no heat sealing. The bag can be reused without wasting materials and saving production costs.

7. The machine has low cost and is suitable for domestic and overseas market demands.

Working process

1. Bag loading: The bag is sent to the machine clip by the way of removing and removing the bag, with no bag warning.

2. Open the bag: the vacuum bag sucker pulls the bag open from both sides. Automatic detection of bag opening conditions, no bag opening or blanking, to ensure that the material is not lost.

3. Filling materials: automatic detection of materials, no materials are not filled, heat-sealed and unsealed, ensuring that the bag is not wasted. The granules are usually filled into the bag by an electronic scale, the powder is fed by an auger screw, and the liquid is injected into the bag by a liquid pump.

4. Heat-sealing sealing device: alarm for abnormal temperature to ensure sealing quality.

5. Print the production date: the ribbon detection system will issue a shutdown alarm when the ribbon is used up. The touch screen displays the coding settings to ensure the normal coding of the packaging bag.

6. The bag is output from the discharge port.

Interested to learn more about how the automatic premade bag packaging machine can help increase your production capacity?  Not sure what to look out for when purchasing this type of equipment? Welcome to consult Soonfer, we will provide you with a full range of professional services.

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