Introduction to Common Packaging Bag Type

Nov 13, 2021

There are a variety of packaging bags on the market, which are convenient for storage and circulation of goods, as well as product promotion. The following introduces several common packaging bags, and recommends the corresponding packaging machine according to the bag type.

1. 3-side seal bag / 4-side seal bag

The three/four side seal bag is a sturdy and economical flat bag, which is very popular in today's market due to its strength. These pouches have no gussets. The sealing on all sides of the bag provides a uniform appearance and enhanced product protection, which makes it have better sealing strength and vacuum finish than other bags.

Recommended packaging machine:

Small vertical granule packing machine

Small vertical liquid packing machine

2. Pillow bag / back seal bag

Pillow bags, also known as back-seal bags, are one of the most economical packaging forms widely used in the market. These pouches form the shape of a pillow and consist of bottom, top and back seals. The back seal extends to the length of the bag. The top is usually left open to fill the contents.

Recommended packaging machine:

Horizontal packing machine

3. Stand-up pouch

According to different forms, there are several types of stand-up pouches, such as bottom gusset pouch, flat bottom pouch (also called quad seal pouch), zipper pouch, etc. The stand-up pouch can stand independently on the container, and the display effect is excellent. It can be equipped with a zipper, which is convenient for storage of food after opening the bag and also convenient for carrying.

Recommended packaging machine:

Doypack granule packing machine

4. Side gusset pouch

Side Gusset Pouches are the most popular pouches for coffee and tea and hence they are referred as “Coffee Pouch” or “Tea Pouch”. These pouches maximize the storage capacity since they square out after being filled. They have gussets on both sides and an inclusive fin-seal runs from top to bottom with horizontal sealing at both the top-side and the bottom-side.

These bags are becoming more and more popular in the food, snacks and other industries because they can be easily displayed vertically and horizontally, so they have become the main choice for shelf display.

Recommended packaging machine:

Large vertical granule packing machine

5. Spout pouch

The Spout pouch is composed of a nozzle and a self-supporting bag. The self-supporting bag is composed of composite materials. The nozzle is a bottle mouth made of plastic. It is the first choice for packaging liquids, powders and other products, such as fruit juice, beverages, milk, soy milk, soy sauce, etc. This bag type facilitates the transportation and storage of food.

Recommended packaging machine:

Premade bag doypack liquid packing machine

6. Irregular shaped bag

Special-shaped bags can be designed with different shapes according to the characteristics of the product. This is conducive to the display of advertising creativity and product selling points, and achieves a good publicity effect.

Recommended packaging machine:

Irregular shape bag liquid packing machine

If you would like to get other information about bag types, please contact Soonfer Machine at any time. We will offer you professional and comprehensive packaging solution.

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