Tea - Different Types of Tea packing machine

Apr 16, 2021

People will find different types and shapes of tea bags in the market. The tea bag looks like a small porous paper, sealed with a nylon or silk bag, which contains the tea leaves used to brew the tea. The bag containing the tea leaves helps to dispose of the leaves during brewing and serves the same function as the tea maker. People will find that some tea bags do have a rope attached to it to help handle the tea bag. In many countries, it is best to use loose leaves, and then use tea bags to mention loose leaves in paper and foil packaging. One can find them in rectangular and square envelopes with brand names and print flavors and decorations on them. If you need to pack such a bag type, a fully automatic tea packaging machine can help complete the packaging.

At the same time, we can also provide filter paper films for packaging tea. Now, people can also find herbal tea bags in the market. People should know that teabag paper is made with milk and coffee filters. This tea bag paper is made of a mixture of wood and plant fibers. In addition, the heat-sealed tea bag paper contains a heat-sealable thermoplastic such as PVC as a component fiber on the inner side of the noodles. Packaging tea requires a specific packaging film to package.

We are a professional tea packaging machine company, including inside and outside tea bag packing machines, triangular nylon tea bag packing machines, round tea bag packing machines, and hanging ear tea bag packing machines. 120 envelopes of rectangular and square tea bags are provided per minute, each weighing approximately 3.3 grams, and herbal tea bag packaging is also provided. Tea bags are famous among users because it not only changes the taste of tea, but also reduces the cost of tea bags. Therefore, people can use them conveniently without encountering any difficulties.

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