Convenience brought to life by packaging machine

Mar 04, 2021

Packaging equipment refers to many types of equipment used in the process of protecting products and materials. This is usually used for storage, sales, transport 、handling, and material portability. This process is used to speed up the packaging and transportation process while reducing the company's labor costs. We can see items packed by packaging machines everywhere in our lives.

The sugar or syrup honey added when drinking coffee is packed by the sugar packaging machine.There are a wide variety of packaging types to suit specific needs.

Automatic candy packing machine

Multi-function packing machine:They can pack coffee powder, milk powder, tea powder, seasoning powder and other powders; pack jam, jelly, oil and other liquids and salt, sugar and other particles;

High speed filling machine:It is mostly used for filling liquid powder, such as water, oil, milk, juice, milk powder, coffee powder, flavoring powder, etc.

Labeling and capping machine:The labeling machine provides instructions for packaging items by adding labels, such as: product brand, price, instructions for use, production plant information, product composition instructions, and time. Labeling equipment saves labor costs and improves production efficiency.Capping machine Compared with manual capping, the capping machine increases the tightness of the product, and the capping speed can reach 20-30 bottles per minute.

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Automatic capping labeling machine

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