Experience The Power Of Unity In Fun Sports Meeting

Nov 26, 2021

In order to enhance the understanding between employees of various departments, strengthen the company's cohesion and team spirit, on the morning of November 20th, Soonfer Machinery held a fun sports meeting. It reflects the progress of humanistic care, and promotes the company's corporate culture. Now, let us follow the camera to see the wonderful performance of the athletes!

The first game is the "Shake IT". Whoever shakes all the balls out of the box first can proceed to the next relay game.

What follows is a "Two-person Three-legged" competition. This is a contest of speed and a test of tacit understanding.


The third game is "Energy Transmission", which makes the atmosphere of the scene soar.


The last game is "Move It". The team members need to quickly run to the finish line with a piece of A4 paper between their knees. This stirred up a fierce atmosphere in the audience, and everyone was excited to rush to the finish line.


The holding of this fun sports meeting is of great benefit to harmonious interpersonal relationships, harmonious colleague relations, and enhancement of collective concepts. In the days to come, we will continue to move forward and surpass ourselves. Soonfer Packing Machinery will continue to provide high-quality services with an optimistic and positive attitude.

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