Recommend automatic toothpick packaging machine to you

Jun 23, 2021

Toothpicks are disposable items that can be seen everywhere in life. Because toothpicks are cheap, toothpick manufacturers often need a reliable, high-speed toothpick packaging machine to obtain better economic benefits.
SOONFER recommends you the new automatic toothpick packaging machine. In order to make the packaging speed of the machine faster, SOONFER’s engineers use the latest motor control technology. The packaging speed of the machine can reach 250-1000 bags/minute, and it can also carry out patterns or fonts. print.

1、Toothpick Feeder

This is a toothpick feeder, with counting function, and can ensure the accurate number of toothpicks.

2、Ink Tank

The ink cartridge can be printed in two colors, and the pattern and text are printed clearly.

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