Recommend to you a new tea inner and outer bag packaging machine

Apr 30, 2021

Tea bags refer to tea leaves wrapped in paper or cloth, which can be stored for a long time, and washed with water during use.

The inner and outer bag packaging of tea has been plagued by many tea merchants. For this reason, soonfer has developed a new automatic tea inner and outer bag packaging machine. This is a high-performance machine that can quickly fill the inner bag of tea and can simultaneously Pack the outer bag.

1. Measuring cup

This is a measuring cup. You only need to put the tea into the hopper, and the measuring cup will automatically weigh the tea to ensure that the weight of the tea in each tea bag is accurate.

2. Inner bag making device

Filter paper is recommended for the inner bag material. When the tea leaves are filled into the inner bag, the bag maker will install cotton threads and labels on the tea bags and seal them.

3. Outer bag making machine

This is the last step of making tea bags. This is an outer bag making device. The pattern of the outer bag can be designed according to your requirements. The inner tea bag will automatically enter the outer bag to complete the production of the tea bag.

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