Recommend to you laundry detergent filling machine

Aug 11, 2021

Automatic high-speed laundry detergent filling machine, suitable for the packaging of laundry detergent, shower gel, shampoo, detergent, edible oil, motor oil and other liquids.
Most of the laundry detergent bottles are flat, and they are prone to tipping when filled with a traditional filling machine. The new laundry detergent filling machine solves this problem. The mobile filling head can prevent the bottle from tipping.
Our customer, Mr. Bruce, ordered a laundry detergent filling line from us, including a series of machines such as a filling machine, capping machine, and labeling machine. Now the filling line has brought substantial profits to Mr. Bruce.
Now we introduce to you Automatic laundry detergent filling machine

This is the filling device, the use of a new type of mobile filling device greatly improves the working efficiency of the machine. Two mobile filling heads are equal to the traditional six filling heads, which reduces machine investment costs and makes maintenance easier and more convenient.

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