SOONFER's automatic powder packaging solution

May 17, 2021

Mr. Nolan is a fish feed manufacturer. He has always been troubled by the packaging of fish feed. The powdered fish feed is not only difficult to measure the weight, but also prone to powder splashing. Soonfer has provided a set of solutions.
The latest product from SOONFER, 320C automatic powder packaging machine, can quickly and accurately package coffee powder, matcha powder, curry powder, chili powder and other powdery materials. This is an indispensable packaging machine to improve productivity.

We formally introduced this 320C automatic powder packaging machine to Mr. Nolan, and Mr. Nolan is very satisfied with this machine.

1. Hopper

This is the hopper, you only need to put the materials here, install the packaging film, and turn on the power of the machine.

2. Touch Screen

The intelligent PLC control system supports multiple languages and is easy to operate. You only need to set the parameters and the machine can operate automatically.

3. Bag Former

The packaging film will be shaped into a packaging bag here, and the measured fish feed will automatically enter here, and finally the sealing is completed by the heat sealing device. As you can see in the video, the weight of each packaging bag is the same.

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