Automatic dipping bag tomato ginger garlic paste dipping curry pizza sauce packing machine

The liquid sauce packing machine can pack all kinds of liquid sauces, special bevel-sealed piping bag type.

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Automatic dipping bag tomato ginger garlic paste dipping curry pizza sauce packing machine

salad sauce packing machine

Application of sauce paste packing machine

This machine is suitable for automatic packaging of various liquid paste-like items in the food, chemical, daily chemical and other industries, such as: cream, mayonnaise, lotus paste, salad dressing, ketchup, jam, chocolate sauce, liquid cheese, etc.

tomato paste packing machine

Specification of sauce paste packing machine



Bag type

Back seal bag

Bag size

L: 80-300mm; W: 80-150mm

Measuring range


Film width

325mm(35 degree angle)

Packing speed


Gas source

0.6-0.8Mpa, 30L/min


380V, 50Hz, 4.5kw





Features of sauce paste packing machine

1. Touch film screen operation, support multiple languages, easy to use.

2. PLC computer control system, the operation is more stable, and any parameters can be adjusted without stopping the machine.

3. The servo motor is used for drawing and the positioning is more accurate.

4. Independent temperature control system, the accuracy can reach ±1℃.

5. The horizontal and vertical sealing temperature are controlled independently, which can be well applied to various packaging materials such as PE composite film.

6. The packaging styles are diversified, such as back seal, gusset, continuous bag, punching, etc.

7. Bag making, sealing, packaging, and date printing can be completed at one time.

8. Clean working environment and low noise.

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