Automatic honey spoon filling and sealing solution

Sep 30, 2021

Honey spoon is a product that we often use when drinking tea, but the production of honey spoon has always troubled many businessmen. SOONFER's technical team has developed a rotary table assembly line production plan, which can quickly complete honey production. A series of processes such as metering, filling and sealing.

Machine advantage
1. The Honey Spoon Filling Machine Complete functions and small space occupation.
2. Touch control type intelligent operation panel, PLC control system.
3. The sealing film has an independent temperature control system.
4. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which is firm and stable.
5. Automatically detect materials, and automatically stop when the materials are used up.

Machine operation
1. Pour honey into the hopper, use the touch screen to set the packaging speed, heating temperature, etc.
2. The spoon will fall down automatically, and the sensor will detect whether the spoon has been placed properly.
3. The filling head fills the measured honey onto the spoon.
4. Place the sealing aluminum foil on the spoon with the vacuum suction cup.
5. The intelligent constant temperature heat sealing device seals the spoon and aluminum foil well to ensure that the honey does not leak.
6. The finished product output device outputs the finished honey spoon to the designated location.

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