Recommend to you automatic hookah tobacco packing machine

Nov 22, 2021

More common on the market is the milder sweetened and flavored hookah tobacco (usually called Muʽassel, which is made by fermenting tobacco with molasses, glycerin and fruit flavors to produce a moist and flexible mixture. It is easy to use. The usability and pleasant aroma and taste made it popular among young people, and it quickly became the most common type of hookah tobacco in the world.

However, the packaging problem of hookah tobacco has plagued many sellers. The hookah tobacco is very sticky and difficult to measure the weight. At the same time, moisture is easy to volatilize, which affects the flavor.

SOONFER has developed a new hookah tobacco packing machine, which is a high-performance automation equipment that can automatically complete a series of processes such as hookah tobacco measurement, bag making, filling, sealing, and coding.

Hookah tobacco packing machine can measure 50-250g of Hookah tobacco each time and fill it into packaging bags at a speed of 50bags/min. It adopts intelligent PLC control, touch screen setting parameters, supports multiple languages, and is easy to use.

In the video, you can see that the hookah tobacco packing machine is being tested and operated. This is the machine ordered by Mr. Andy. He has purchased the machine for the third time. He has decided to expand the scale of production. The automation equipment has greatly improved the production capacity of his factory. Mr. Andy made a huge profit.

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