Drip coffee packaging machine helps you improve economic efficiency

May 26, 2021

Drip coffee is a portable coffee that is sealed in a filter bag after ground coffee beans. It is very popular in many countries and regions due to its convenient portability and easy drinking.
If you are a coffee bean grower and want to improve the economic benefits of coffee beans, and sell coffee beans into drip coffee, please pay attention to our latest product, SOONFER drip coffee packaging machine.
Drip coffee packaging machine is a high-performance machine. It can not only seal the filter bag of coffee powder, but also complete the production of the outer packaging bag. This process is fully automatic. The intelligent PLC control system supports multiple languages. Just set the parameters on the touch screen, and the machine can complete the production of drip coffee according to the parameters.

As you can see in the picture, the drip coffee packaging machine puts pre-ground coffee powder into a filter bag, heat seals it, and finally puts it into the outer packaging bag to complete the production.

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