Automatic high-speed candy jelly bean packaging machine

May 29, 2021

Candy is a favorite of many children, and a machine that can pack candies quickly and safely is a product that many candy merchants deserve.
Robert is a manufacturer of candies. He recently contacted us, hoping to customize a machine that can pack candies. He requires the packaging speed of candies to reach 1000pcs/min.
For this reason, SOONFER’s engineers set up a technical research team and successfully developed a new high-speed candy packaging machine. This is a high-performance machine that can pack various candy packaging bags with a bag length of 10-50mm and a bag width of 10-30mm. The maximum speed can reach 1000pcs/min.

This is a vibrating plate and a packaging film rack, which can send the arranged candies to the conveyor belt and pack them.

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