How do Automatic Triangle Tea Bag Packing Machine Work?

Apr 13, 2021

In every country, due to its simple operation and beautiful appearance, automatic triangular tea bag machines have become more and more popular. It is not only efficient and accurate, but also amazed by customers who love tasting tea. This is an indispensable packaging machine to increase productivity.

Whether you are new to packaging machinery or are considering adding automatic triangle tea bag machines to your product line, you may be interested in how these machines operate.

Today, we will gradually study the bag forming process of the triangular tea bag inner bag.

Introduction of automatic triangle tea bag machine

This automatic triangle tea bag machine uses an electronic scale to measure the tea. It is suitable for green tea, black tea, rose tea, etc. It has an independent touch screen to set the electronic scale.

The packaging speed can be controlled at 40 bags per minute, which is determined by the material.

1. Hopper

Put the tea leaves into the hopper manually.
The measured value can be set through the touch screen

The electronic scale automatically measures the

weight of the tea leaves.

2.Bag Former

This device can shape the bag so that the material

can directly enter  the bag and seal it at the same


3.Cutting Device

This cutting device can cut the filled triangular tea

bag, so that a complete triangular tea bag can be


The above is the details of this automatic triangular tea bag machines.

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