How do Liquid Automatic Pouch Filling and Sealing Machines Work?

Mar 31, 2021

In every country, automatic bag filling and sealing machines have become more and more popular because of their simple operation and beautiful appearance. It is an essential packaging machine to improve productivity

Whether you are new to packaging machinery or are considering adding liquid packaging machines to the product line, you may be interested in how these machines operate.

Today, we will gradually study the process of liquid packaging into bags

Introduction of automatic bag filling and sealing machine
This liquid packaging machine uses a mechanical liquid pump for metering, which can reduce the accuracy of the packaged liquid and meet the standards of food packaging, so there is no need to worry about sprinkling.

The packaging speed can be controlled at 70-80 bags per minute. This is determined according to the material. The packaging bag can be coded during the operation of the machine, and the machine will not jam, and the sealing is very good. It is worthwhile Automatic Liquid packaging machine owned.

1. Hopper

sauce packing machine

Manually pull the liquid material into the hopper.

For viscous liquids, such as chocolate sauce,

you can add a stirring device to speed up the feeding,

and then automatically measure the package weight.

2. Date Printer

The production date, batch and expiry date can be

printed on the packaging bag. You can have 3 lines

with 12 characters per line.

date printer

3. Mechanical Measuring Pump

Mechanical Measuring Pump

Manually pull the liquid material into the hopper.

Then the package weight is automatically measured.

One operation is equivalent to one measurement,

which avoids measurement errors.

4. Bag former

The structure is relatively simple, and the machining accuracy is

easy to guarantee. It is suitable for most packaging requirements

and can run efficiently and stably on continuous high-speed machines.


1.High-standard raw materials.

2.Easy to use and precious.
3.The bag forming kit can be customized for any packaging

machine model.

4.Excellent movie tracking.

Bag former

The above is the details of this small vertical liquid packaging machine.

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