How Multi-Station Doypacking Machine works

Jun 02, 2021

In recent years, doypacking packaging has gradually occupied a dominant position in the packaging market. Prefabricated bags have many advantages such as exquisite appearance, convenient opening, and user-friendly sealing methods, making them the first choice of consumers.

SOONFER has developed a rotary 10-station automatic packaging machine suitable for coffee powder, curry powder, chili powder, milk powder and other materials. And by changing the measuring methods, such as electronic scales, measuring cups, liquid pumps, etc., the 10-station automatic packaging machine can pack particles, liquids and other materials. This is a series of pre-made bags that can quickly open, fill, and seal. High-performance machine, thus saving the cost of packaging personnel.

Below we will introduce how the Multi-Station Doypacking Machine works.

This is the Doypacking placement area and the mechanical suction cup. You only need to place the Doypacking here, and the robotic arm will automatically absorb the Doypacking.

After the robotic arm opens Doypacking, it automatically fills the material from the discharge port, and does not fill if there is no bag. After filling is completed, the sealing device will seal to complete the packaging.

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