Recommend to you the automatic nut filling line program

Dec 17, 2021

The automatic granule filling machine is suitable for packaging granular materials, such as coffee beans, beans, nuts, peanuts, pet food, candy, medlar, dried fruit, tea, melon seeds, dried flowers, sesame, rice, wheat, salt, sugar and others Material.

1. A series of processes such as transmission, measurement and blanking are automatically completed.
2. The whole machine adopts international famous brand components, with high filling accuracy and stable and reliable performance.
3. Intelligent PLC control, touch screen operation, support for multiple languages, easy to use.
4. Suitable for various bottles, cans, boxes and other containers.

In the video, you can see the machine being tested. This is the granule filling line ordered by Mr. Jack. The automated granule filling line consists of a bottle unscrambler, a filling machine, a sealing machine, and a capping machine. Jack is a nut seller By using automated equipment, he packed the nuts into jars and sold them to many countries. Mr. Jack made huge profits.

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