SOONFER participated in the 23rd Bakery China Exhibition

Jun 29, 2021

Bakery China is co-sponsored by China Bakery & Sugar Products Industry Association and Beijing Bakery Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Founded in 1997, the exhibition is an Asia-Pacific preferred international trade exhibition platform serving the entire industrial chain of the bakery industry, and is the world's leading bakery product and service exhibition. The exhibition provides a sharing platform for global bakery industry leaders, professionals and various bakery industry practitioners to share innovative ideas, inject impetus to promote the development of the bakery industry in the fields of research and development, manufacturing and distribution, and related services, and promote the bakery sugar industry in China Full development

As a professional packaging machine manufacturer, SOONFER exhibited a 280A pellet packaging machine and a nitrogen generator at this exhibition. As SOONFER's latest products, it attracted customers from various countries and regions to watch and learn. The method of using the packaging machine was demonstrated on site, and various samples were provided for testing and packaging.
At the exhibition, SOONFER actively communicated with other packaging machine manufacturers to understand the current trend of technological development, and constantly look for high-quality partners.

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