Automatic 500g dry fruits potato chips cashew nut pouch packing machine

The muti-head weighers packing machine requirements for high precision measurement and fragile packaging bulk objects,such as:puffed food,pistachio,chocolate,harfware items,etc.
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Automatic 500g dry fruits potato chips cashew nut pouch packing machine

Application of muti-head weighers packing machine

Suitable for weighing leisure foods such as candy,seeds, jelly, pet foods, puffy foods, pistachio, nuts, raisins and big shell nuts, hardware, dried fruits, frozen foods, snack foods, meatballs and so on.

weighing packing machine

Specification of muti-head weighers packing machine

Packing speed 5-60bags/min
Packing material OPP/CPP,OPP/CE,MST/PE,PET/PE
Film width range 140-420mm
Weight of machine 500kg
Air pressure 0.65MPa
Gas consumption
Dimension 1217L×1015W×1343H(mm)
Weight of machine 500kg
Total Rate 2.2KW
Power Single phase 220V/50Hz

The combined part of muti-head weighers packing machine

dry fruit packing machine

Features of muti-head weighers packing machine

1.420 type full automatic vertical packing machine are the packing machine our company import the abroad technology, and improve to produce ,which are high quality and ability ,equip with the functions of automatic feed, weigher, making-bag, filling, sealing, printer, and output.

2.This machine use the high precision servo pull-film system, PLC program control, advanced touch man and machine screen, photo-electricity automatic locating and tracking , digital temperature control and so on , to make the operation simply and perfect . is the firstly choice of food packing machine, to improve the producing effect , reduce the labour intensity, improve the level of packing.

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