Fully automatic plastic bottle liquid peanut butter juice honey oil sauce milk water filling machine

Liquid filling machine, can fill food and daily chemicals, including water, oil, sauce, shampoo, hand sanitizer, etc.

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Fully automatic plastic bottle liquid peanut butter juice honey oil sauce milk water filling machine

bbq sauce filling machine

Automatic liquid filling machine

The automatic piston filling machine adopts quantitative filling of the plunger bottle-in, positioning, filling and bottle-out are all automatically controlled by the PLC, conforming to the GMP standard. Applicable for medicine, food, daily chemicals, pesticides and fine chemicals, and other varieties of product filling.

bottle sauce filling machine

Specification of liquid filling machine

Filling range
Filling speed
15-25/bottles/min(Base on100-500ml)
Measurement accuracy
Working air pressure
Gas consumption

Features of liquid filling machine

1.Touch screen operation interface.
2.Up and down movement type filling, effectively prevent the foam from being produced, easy to take apart and wash.
3.The filling accuracy can reach ±1%.
4.The filling cylinder is ground, unique filling valve design, no leakage.
5.With no bottle no filling and automatic bottle stop function.
6.Design different positioning devices according to the actual situation of the bottle;
7.The equipment is easy to clean, can be disassemble without tools, it can also be cleaned online or hig temperature sterilization.
8.PLC programmable control use Japan Mitsubishi.
9.Frequency converter adopts France Schneider 10.Pneumatic components adopt Taiwan Airtac.
11.Material contact parts are made of SUS304# stainless steel.
12.The equipment meets the hygiene and safety standards. The user can choose the glass protective cover.

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