Fully automatic 50g 150g 200g tobacco shisha molasses packing machine

This is automatic shisha packing machine, which is widely adopted in Tobacco Honey processing
scope, achieved complete procedure of bag forming, filling, sealing, cartooning as well as
cellophane overwrapping, with high efficiency and perfect packing effect.
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    304 stainless steel
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Fully automatic 50g 150g 200g tobacco shisha molasses packing machine

Application of shisha packing machine
We can also provide Check weigher machine, Small Box Cartooning Machine, Cellophane Overwrapping for Small Box, Big Box Machine connects them and shisha packaging machine into a shisha integrated production line.shisha packing machine

Specification of shisha packing machine

Product height Max:15mm
Packing speed 50-120bags/minute
Power 220V,50/60Hz,2.4KW
Machine Size
Weight 1200kg

Features of shisha packing machine

1. Mechanical shutdown of stainless steel structure, in line with food QS hygiene requirements.
2. Double servo control, cylinder cut off and precise feeding.
3. Color touch screen display, positioning stop, automatic fault diagnosis, display at a glance.
4. The extruder adopts double-row gear fully sealed reducer, and each output and input shaft adopts sealing ring seal (can be filled with lubricating oil and oil).
5. The extruder adopts independent man-machine interface and PLC control system.
6. The whole mud-squeezing bucket, screw and groundsill structure adopt the integrated 304 stainless steel welding process, which is simple and easy to clean.
8. The machine can independently complete automatic mud squeezing, metering and slitting、Packing。
9. The complete equipment rack can be customized regardless of the packing requirements of steel village and other specifications.

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