Mar 29, 2021
Customer : Company TY

Country :Spain

Materials : Garlic


Customers need to pack garlic 1kg-2kg. There are requirements for packaging speed and bag type. The type of bag that customers need to pack is four-sided ironing. And hope to reach two thousand packs per hour. Even so, our machines can meet such requirements.

How we did it (Solution):

We sent a large number of packaging sample bags and videos to our customers, and then quoted prices for this machine. The customer compared many suppliers and thought that our price is more in line with his budget. Our machine is made of 304 stainless steel. The materials are in full compliance with the food grade, and we have an excellent after-sales service team.


We help customers increase the packaging speed of garlic and teach them how to operate the machine. Next, the customer also needs to purchase a garlic packaging machine from us and increase the output.
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