Liquid Packing Machine

Apr 03, 2021

Customer : Company H

Country : Korea

Materials : Honey

Weight : 5ml/bag

The client is a private company and does not have its own factory. It belongs to a new project and does not understand the honey market. However, he has the raw materials for honey and he needs to put his honey products into the market for sale

How we did it (Solution)
Through the experience of different customers, we understand that the bag type with back seal is more common in this market, and the honey has a stickiness. We will add a device to this liquid packaging machine to make it smoothly unloading and packaging. Exquisite, non-sticky material

The customer combined the honey production line and the packaging line to promote the rapid development of the customer's honey business, and soon appeared in the supermarket of their own products, reaching a certain sales volume, thank you for the machines we provided and our services.

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