• Granule
    Customer : Company TY Country :Spain Materials : Garlic Background: Customers need to pack garlic 1kg-2kg. There are requirements for packaging speed and bag type. The type of bag that customers need to pack is four-sided ironing. And hope to reach two thousand packs per hour. Even so, our machines can meet such requirements. How we did it (Solution): We sent a large number of packaging sample bags and videos to our customers, and then quoted prices for this machine. The customer compared many suppliers and thought that our price is more in line with his budget. Our machine is made of 304 stainless steel. The materials are in full compliance with the food grade, and we have an excellent after-sales service team. Result: We help customers increase the packaging speed of garlic and teach them how to operate the machine. Next, the customer also needs to purchase a garlic packaging machine from us and increase the output.
  • Liquid Packing Machine
    Customer : Company H Country : Korea Materials : Honey Weight : 5ml/bag Background The client is a private company and does not have its own factory. It belongs to a new project and does not understand the honey market. However, he has the raw materials for honey and he needs to put his honey products into the market for sale How we did it (Solution) Through the experience of different customers, we understand that the bag type with back seal is more common in this market, and the honey has a stickiness. We will add a device to this liquid packaging machine to make it smoothly unloading and packaging. Exquisite, non-sticky material Result The customer combined the honey production line and the packaging line to promote the rapid development of the customer's honey business, and soon appeared in the supermarket of their own products, reaching a certain sales volume, thank you for the machines we provided and our services.
  • Powder
    Customer : Company BL Country : Vietnam Materials : Coffee powder Weight : Customer: 30g/bag Target : Packing speed reaches 70 bag/min with error within ±1g Background BL company is a small and medium-sized coffee manufacturer, they hope to quickly put their coffee on the market They have an urgent need for a reliable and high-speed fully automated packaging solution. But to choose high packing speed or high precision is biggest problem they face. Challenge The customer’s old machine can only pack 40 bags per minute, and the error range is about 2g.When they try to increase the packaging speed, errors will also occur, and the sealing of their machine is not up to the standard, and the packaging material will be damaged in the case of high temperature. How we did it (Solution) Through the transformation of the machine and the addition of a servo system, we have solved the problem of slow film pulling and sealing speed, while avoiding errors during packaging. The powder packaging machine has intelligent temperature control technology that can be sealed at a suitable temperature. Improve the tightness of packaging products without damaging the packaging materials.
  • Candy
    Client: Company K Country: Uzbekistan Material: Candy Background: This client is a new project that has just started the confectionery business. Their output requirements are relatively high, but the budget of this machine is not much. The customer's daily demand is 280,000 packages, and we hope that we can recommend him a suitable machine. How we did it (Solution) We help it calculate that it needs 580 packages per minute. We only have one machine that meets his needs. Our high-speed candy machine can reach this speed. Compared with other peers, our price is relatively dominant. Result After the customer uses our high-speed candy packaging machine, the packaging speed of the candy is greatly improved, and his business is getting better and better. He is ready to develop new projects and has established a long-term cooperative relationship with our partners.
  • Tea Bag
    Client : Company H Country : Saudi Arabia Material : tea Weight : 2g/bag Target : The packaging speed reaches 50 bags/min, and the error is within ±1g Background This is a new project based on tea. Prior to this, the customer carried out coffee production. Want to do a tea business How we did it (Solution) We will provide the customer with the operation manual of the machine, tell him the operation process of the machine, and formulate a packaging plan that meets its requirements so that the customer can skillfully use the tea packaging machine to achieve a certain output. Result We helped our customers increase the output of tea, and the customer also purchased 3 tea packaging machines to speed up the rapid production of their products in the market.
  • Liquid Filling Machine
    Client : Company Z Country : South Africa Material : Mineral water Background: The customer wants to produce 3,000 bottles per hour. The specifications of the bottle are 500 ml, one liter and five liters. Need to fully automate the machine. How we did it (Solution) According to his needs and output, we recommended two production lines and filling lines to him, from water treatment to bottle making, water filling, and finally to packaging. Reduced his labor costs and increased the bottle filling speed. Result: Customers are very satisfied with each machine we recommend and have become our long-term partners, telling us that the filling machine is trustworthy.

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