Mar 30, 2021
Customer : Company BL

Country : Vietnam

Materials : Coffee powder

Weight : Customer: 30g/bag

Target : Packing speed reaches 70 bag/min with error within ±1g


BL company is a small and medium-sized coffee manufacturer, they hope to quickly put their coffee on the market They have an urgent need for a reliable and high-speed fully automated packaging solution. But to choose high packing speed or high precision is biggest problem they face.


The customer’s old machine can only pack 40 bags per minute, and the error range is about 2g.When they try to increase the packaging speed, errors will also occur, and the sealing of their machine is not up to the standard, and the packaging material will be damaged in the case of high temperature.

How we did it (Solution)

Through the transformation of the machine and the addition of a servo system, we have solved the problem of slow film pulling and sealing speed, while avoiding errors during packaging. The powder packaging machine has intelligent temperature control technology that can be sealed at a suitable temperature. Improve the tightness of packaging products without damaging the packaging materials.
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