Fully automatic doypack bag liquid bee honey pouch packaging packing machine

Liquid honey packaging machine is suitable for special-shaped bags, zipper bags, spout bags, prefabricated bags, etc.

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Fully automatic doypack bag liquid bee honey pouch packaging packing machine

doypack bag honey packing machine

Application of liquid doypack pouch packing machine

This machine is suitable for liquid products such as food and daily necessities, such as ketchup, seasoning sauce, tartar sauce, edible oil, soy sauce, honey, juice, jam, milk, jelly, sports drink, shampoo, hand soap, shower gel, laundry Liquid etc.

bee honey pouch packing machine

Specification of liquid doypack pouch packing machine

Packing speed  20-60 bags/min (depending on the weight of the material)

Measuring range

10-1500g (depending on the characteristics of the material)
Bag width

Bag length


Film materials

PP, PE, PVC, PS, EVA, PET, PVDC+PVC, OPP+composite CPP, etc.


380V, 50/60Hz, 8.5kw

Gas consumption




Machine weight


Features of liquid doypack pouch packing machine

1. 8-station design, can automatically complete a series of processes such as bag taking, bag opening, metering, blanking, sealing, etc.

2. High quality and performance, the frame is made of 1.5mm thickness 304# stainless steel.

3. Intelligent PLC control, fast and stable operation of the machine.

4. The touch screen is used to set packaging parameters, supports multiple languages, and the operation is simple and easy to understand.

5. With electric eye detection function, automatic stop operation without bag.

6. The host adopts a new frame design, which occupies a small area and is easy to detect and maintain.

7. Independent temperature PID controller.

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