Automatic horizontal pillow pita bread pouch bagging packing machine

The horizontal pillow packing machine packaging various kinds of regular objects like food,medicine,daily appliances,metals,industrial parts and etc.
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Automatic horizontal pillow pita bread pouch bagging packing machine

pillow bag packing machine

Application of horizontal packing machine

What can be packed by this machine
Food: cake, bread, biscuits, cookies,flaky pastry, moon cake, noodles, beef jerky, egg roll, etc.
Vegetables and Fruits: apples, bananas, lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes, 
Hardware: hinge, stainless steel pipe, bearings, screw, nuts, and washer.
Hotel Supplies: soap, disposable comb, toothpaste, and brush in one set.
Stationary: pencil, eraser, notebook, paper card, adhesive tape
Electric Products: battery, USB cable, earphone, user manual, and accessories in one set.
Medical: face mask, glove, gauze, capsule, disposable syringe.
Daily use: plastic knife, fork, plate, sponge, scourer, wipes, several straws in a bag, cups, bottles, napkin, baby diaper, etc.

bread wrapping machine

Application of horizontal packing machine

Film Width
Bag Length
Bag Width
Products High
Film Roll Diameter
Packing Speed
220V 50/60Hz2.6KW
Machine Size
Machine Weight

Application of horizontal packing machine

1. More than 20 languages can be chose,parameter and function setting convenient with touch screen.
2.PLC intelligent control system,operation more steady without stopping machine.
3.Double frequency converter control, bag length can be set and cut at one step, saving time and film.  
4. Self-diagnose function, all the fault will be display on the screen,easy to maintenance.
5. High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing, number input of bag size ,cutting position accurate. 
6. Temperature independent PLC control, more suitable for packing different materials.
7. Positioned stop function, without sticking knife or wasting film. 
8. Simple driving system, reliable working, convenient maintenance. 
9. All control is realized through solfware, easy for function adjusting and technical updating.

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